Rocky Mountain Multisport Triathlon SwimPeople start training for, and participating in, triathlons for a variety of reasons. Whatever your reason is, you are going to want to get started on your journey with advice you can trust.

Believe it or not, completing a triathlon starts with a proper bike fitting. You do not want to blow all of your energy on the ride; you need that for the run. By getting a bike that is exactly fit to your body, you create a connection to the course, not just a tool that is going to carry you over the distance. Our bike fitting system can dial down to the millimeter for a precise fit. We can then adjust your bike or get you a new bike that matches you in every way.

Strength in the water comes from proper training accessories. Keeping your core warm in the water conserves energy that will be vital for the end of the race. We carry wetsuits of different thicknesses for different conditions that are available for purchase or rental.

Through our partnership with the Runners Roost, we carry shoes for every course. With a free gait analysis using video to sample your stride on a treadmill, we can measure supination or pronation as well as adjust for common stride problems that might cause ankle, knee, hip or even back pain. The proper shoe makes all the difference!

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