Rocky Mountain Multisport (“RMM”) is the brand used for the triathlon department at the Runners Roost Fort Collins. Since we are the only Runners Roost to offer a full service triathlon store under the same roof, we branded it separately to avoid customer confusion that all Runners Roost stores offer full a service triathlon department.

RMM was added to the Fort Collins Runners Roost store in 2015 to act and serve as Northern Colorado’s only full service triathlon store. Full service means we sell bikes (both triathlon and road), service bikes, offer bike fits, carry swim and triathlon gear and rent items such as wheels and wet suits. We also carry a few running shoes!

Runners Roost is the premier running store in our region. We have 40+ years of local ownership and dedication equipping the run to the Rocky Mountain community for decades and planning on decades more. Stop by and check us out!

Where is Rocky Mountain Multisport?